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Meijin Shogi Kifu Collection

Kifu #20

[Name "Matt Casters"]
[Email "[email protected]"]
[Country "Japan"]
[Sente "Tanigawa Koji"]
[Gote "Habu Yoshiharu"]
[Black_grade "Chall"]
[White_grade "Meijin"]
[Result "1-0"]
[Comment "Kakugawari Bogin opening"]
[Source "Shogi Nexus Web-site, Notes based on Shukan Shogi, 97-May-14."]
[Event "55th Meijin Title Match"]
[Date "19970507"]
[Round "3"]
[Venue "Aichi"]
[Proam "Professional"]
{Notes based on Shukan Shogi, 97-May-14.} P7g-7f P8c-8d G6i-7h G4a-3b S7i-6h P3c-3d B8h-7g P8d-8e S3i-3h S7a-7b P2g-2f B2bx7g+ S6hx7g { As in the 2nd game, we again see Tanigawa's specialty, ~the Kakugawari Opening. } S3a-4b P1g-1f P1c-1d P9g-9f S4b-3c P4g-4f S7b-8c { Habu chooses the Bogin, varying decisively from Game 2. ~All 3 games of this match so far have featured gote playing ~for an early initiative (and eventually losing). } S3h-4g S8c-8d P6g-6f P9c-9d G4i-5h { 3. R6h could also be considered. Tanigawa plays flexibly, ~preserving the option of either K6h or K4h} K5a-4b {Habu invested 2 hours on this, ~the sealed move. The alternative, 13..P9e 14. P9e S9e 15. L9e L9e ~16. P9g P9h 17. S8h S4d!? was unappealing due to 18. P3f S5e ~19. B7g, hitting the lance on 9e and preparing P6e. } P3g-3f G6a-5b N2i-3g P7c-7d P2f-2e P7d-7e K5i-6h { Opting against 17. K4h, Tanigawa moves the king towards the battlefield. Strong defense. } P6c-6d S4g-5f K4b-3a { Already gote's game is not easy. Other possibilities are 18... P4d 19. P4e or 18... B5d 19. S6g. } N3g-4e {Usually in this type of position, the attack starts with P3e to prepare a future pawn drop at 3c. Perhaps Habu expected 19. P3e P4d 20. P4e P3e~21. P4d P3f, which gives gote counterchances. } S3c-4d {19... S4b (threatening ...P4d) would be met by 20. P2d P2d 21. B5e B4d 22. R2d P2c 23. R3d. } P2e-2d P2cx2d R2hx2d P'2c R2d-2i B'3h R2i-2e { Better than the normal 23. R2f. The rook's horizontal influence limits gote's counterattack while supporting P3e. } P7ex7f S7gx7f B3h-4i+ S5f-4g +B4i-3i { The threat was 26. R2i. Sadly, the horse never moves again. Sente's advantage is now clear. } P1f-1e P1dx1e P3f-3e P8e-8f { If 27... P3e, the attack continues 28. P1c L1c 29. P2d P2d 30. R2d P2c 31. R3d } P3ex3d P'3f { If here 28... S7e 29. S7e P8g+ 30. P8c +P7h 31. K7h R7b 32. P7c R7c 33. P7d R8c 34. P8d R8b 35. S3c, and the horse is still completely out of~play. By interjecting 28... P3f 29 S3f, Habu hopes to later activate the horse by +B4i, attacking the undefended gold at 5h. However... } S4gx3f S8d-7e P3d-3c+ { Completely ignoring gote's last counterattempt. Ironically, the silver Habu has invited to 3f will now figure in the attack. } N2ax3c N4ex3c+ S7ex7f +N3cx3b K3ax3b P'3c S4dx3c { If instead 33... K3c 34. N7d! R7b [34... P8g+ 35 N8b+] 35. P3d K3b 36. S3e R7d 37. R2c+ K4a 38. B6c decides the issue. } R2ex2c+ {!!!} K3bx2c B'4a { A possible contination is 35... P3b 36. N3e K3d 37. G4e K2d 38. P2e K1c 39. B3b+ S*6g 40. G76g S6g+ 41. K6g N7e 42. K5f. Habu thought for~1 minute and resigned. A beautiful game by Tanigawa. }