PSN White Sheet

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Portable Shogi Notation (PSN) Specification
(Draft 1 – accepting comments and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism)

(last updated, January 22, 2015)




  • compatibility with current Portable Shogi Notation file conventions
  • free opensource reference implementations in common programming languages to encourage compliance to current standard
  • information on *.kif to *.psn and *.psn to *.kif file format conversion
  • conventions for common and custom attribute/value declarations in game records
  • conventions for commenting games
  • conventions for recording standard and non standard shogi variations


Internet Sources

This document and the PSN reference implementation are located at,


Rules For Creation of PSN Files

  1. Clarity. Always mark a move with enough detail that the move is unambiguous.
  2. Extraneous information is always optional. For instance, if stating the token and the final location makes it obvious what move took place, you are not required (though encouraged) to add information specifying what move resulted in the final location.
  3. Ambiguous notation is deprecated. In older PSN files, you may see moves specified that could describe more than one possible move. In all cases, ambiguous move notation is unsupported in modern PSN.

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