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I’m going to upgrade my japanesechess.org server. This whole thing is a bit of a scramble, because my current host is serving up someone else’s pages 50% of the time due to technical difficulties on their end. Migrating servers is always a bit dangerous, … meaning I could lose everything. I don’t have source code for some of the shogi apps on the japanesechess.org site, so you just don’t know what will happen during the upgrade.

I’m mirroring everything to this site as a precaution. If I can get it working here, that is. Then, good or bad, I’m doing the upgrade so that japanesechess.org can support https.

Here’s the current japanesechess.org home page, just in case that gets wiped in the move.

Fun Historic Games I’m putting together a site of historic board games you can play in your browser. The goal is to publish games you don’t see too often, but have been around 100+ years. First up is Tori Shogi, also called Bird Chess, a game from Japan that is around 200 years old. Be sure to follow the progress on the new historic games site.

I still have my beta version of my shogi app up on this site. The beta version of my shogi app runs on most browsers. I am currently working on an update. You guessed it, the update will be on my historic games site when I’m finished.

Shogi Online

Shogi (Japanese Chess)

Chess variants all come from an Indian game called Chaturanga created around 600 AD. As the game migrated east and west it changed. Western Chess and Japanese Chess (Shogi) are cousins of the original game from India. Japanese Chess (Shogi) was played in Japan in the modern form about 500 years ago.

Japanese Chess differs from other chess variants because of the drop rule. Pieces captured become yours, and you can choose to drop them back on the board to attack their former army!

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NEWS … My english tsume puzzle book is for sale on Amazon and other retailers. Solving tsume puzzles has long been recognized as the fun way to improve end game performance in shogi (and chess.) This is the first English tsume puzzle book.

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