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Play Shogi Online

For a while it was hard to find sites to play shogi. There’s been an upswing in the number of sites for playing shogi and shogi variants in the last few years. Here is a list of some of the more popular shogi and shogi variant sites.

PlayOK – Shogi
Human vs Human play. The graphics aren’t great, but there’s usually a good crowd to play games against.

81 Dojo
Human vs Human play. Includes standard shogi, handicaps, and several variants. Also, game analysis tools are included. This is a very nice site for serious students of shogi. I highly recommend this site.

Internet Shogi Dojo
Many will argue this is the best shogi site on the web. Plan on learning some Japanese if you want to take full advantage of this site.

Human vs Human. BrainKing offers a few shogi variants to play against other members. They’ve been around awhile. Basic membership is free.

Little Golem
Human vs Human. Little Golem has several shogi variants listed under open play (Infinity). The Championship and Monthly Cup areas seem a bit more limited.

SDIN Free Games
Human vs Human or Human vs Computer. SDIN Free Games has several shogi variants available for online play. You can play against the computer or against a player. Here’s what they offer.

Richard’s Play-By-eMail Server has several play-by-email for shogi variants, also some graphical interfaces for the same shogi severs. For those new to Gamerz play-by-email, their home page has an explanation of how it all works.

Play-by-email …

Play-by-email graphical interfaces …

Chess Variants
These guys have tons and tons of shogi variants to play-by-email. Some are Java, so many modern computers refuse to run them.

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Shogi Applet

These days, most computers, browsers, and mobile devices disable Applets intentionally.
(Rumor has it that the reason Applets were shut down is that Java’s creator didn’t pay Washington the proper protection money, but that’s just the rumor.) If you’re lucky enough to still own a computer that works with Applets, this shogi Applet is a great way to get started learning shogi. I taught my children shogi using it, so it gets the job done.


This Shogi game will only work if Java and the Java plug-in are installed. They are free at
Shogi applet provided for free by

Installing the Shogi Applet

Would you like a shogi game on your website? I’m giving mine out for free for not-for-profit use. In other words, if you are not charging money for people to play, then you can use my applet for free.

The installation of the applet into your website is easy and only requires two simple steps.

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